Are you one who loves to take a nice long warm (or hot) bath?  Maybe you have tired achy joints or muscles and you’ve been thinking about trying a CBD product for your occasional pain.  Let me introduce you to one of the best CBD products … the UNWIND CBD Bath Bomb! 

Why would anyone want to use a CBD Bath Bomb?

Epsom salt, baking soda, essential oils and CBD can offer healing benefits to the skin and relief from muscle and join pain.  As well as the benefits of some amazing essential oils. Soaking in a warm tub with the Unwind Bath Bomb could give you a luxurious spa experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for a great night of rest!  

What are three benefits of a CBD bath bomb?

The Huntsboro Hemp Co. CBD bath bomb is a beautiful blend of Epsom Salt, baking soda, citric acid essential oils and of course, CBD, 50 mg. 

  1. Epsom Salt has been used for years to aid in muscle recovery, soften rough dry skin, reduce stress and aid in relaxation. Does that sound familiar to CBD? Epsom Salt and CBD clearly have some of the same benefits so when they are blended you get a double dose of goodness. 
  2. Baking soda is added to bath bombs because it is an alkaline and contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which can reduce skin irritations and itching as well pull the toxins from your skin which leaves the skin feeling so soft and clean. And baking soda helps to put the fizz in the bath bomb.  
  3. In addition to these amazing benefits the Unwind Bath Bombs come in three essential oil blends that offer aromatherapy as well. Aromatherapy has been used for many years and is based on the idea that aromatic plant oils offer psychological and physical well-being. The essential oils chosen for Huntsboro Hemp Co. bath bombs are high quality oils that have beautiful aromas.  

Which essential oils are used in Huntsboro Hemp Co. UNWIND Bath Bombs?

Huntsboro Hemp Co. UNWIND Bath Bombs are created with lavender or two essential oil blends. 

Lavender is well known and can help with rest and relaxation, so it made sense to create the Lavender bath bomb first.  The beautiful lavender colored bomb has a tranquil aroma and is so soothing to the skin! 

After experiencing the Lavender Bath Bomb the team was challenged to use different essential oils to create a variety of experiences.  Our CEO, Susan, wanted a rose bath bomb; however, Rose Oil is the most expensive essential oil and would not have been cost effective. However, there is a great solution!

By blending Rose Hip and Ylang Ylang essential oils the most beautiful aroma is created in this soft pink bath bomb.  These two essential oils pair synergistically and leave the skin feeling so soft and not greasy by enhancing antioxidant activity.  Ylang Ylang is also known for its euphoric effects which can reduce stress and anxiety!  The team nailed it, and this is by far Susan’s favorite!

The third bath bomb added to the Unwind team is Mint and Eucalyptus!  During cold and flu season this may be the relief you are looking to experience.  The mint green bath bomb is full of the goodness from these two essential oils that have anti-inflammatory characteristics and may help relieve your congestion. Combined with the Epsom salt, baking soda and CBD you may experience relief for those achy muscles and joints as well. 

How Does A CBD Bath Bomb Work?

UNWIND Bath Bombs are one of the easiest ways to enjoy a topical CBD product.  You drop the solid bomb into the water, enjoy the fizziness of it and the aroma of the essential oils. Soak for approximately 30 minutes and let the Epsom Salt, baking soda and CBD work their magic.  Through the pores in your skin the CBD is absorbed and could relieve your muscle and joint pain.  Your skin will soak up the goodness of the products and could feel soft, less irritated, or itchy and very refreshed. 

If you’re desiring to level up your bath from enjoyable to luxurious an UNWIND CBD Bath Bomb may be what you’re needing.  And if you cannot decide which aroma you would like, try the UNWIND Bath Bomb Bundle…you’ll get one of each and save 10%, too!