Summertime can be a noisy time of year. People come outside to enjoy pool parties, barbecues and other outdoor activities. Thunderstorms are more common this time of year, causing loud booms and cracks. Holidays bring loud firework displays. And every day, there is usually at least one person in the neighborhood mowing their lawn. These summer sounds are fun for humans, but not so much for your pets. In fact, too much of these loud noises can cause a lot of stress on pets. In order to calm their nerves, consider the benefits of a CBD tincture. Keep reading to find out more about how this CBD product can help your pets. 

Benefits of Taking CBD

There are many benefits to taking CBD for humans and pets. If you suffer from anxiety, stress, PTSD or have trouble sleeping, CBD can help relieve some of those symptoms. It has been used in treating epilepsy to reduce the frequency of seizures. CBD has also been used in treating those with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease or those recovering from a stroke. For those suffering with chronic pain, CBD oil has been known to help relieve pain. Those who suffer from pain from arthritis, muscles, MS and spinal cord injuries have taken this as a means of achieving relief. Because CBD can serve as an anti-inflammatory, it has also been used to treat acne. Some cancer patients have found that taking CBD oil helps relieve symptoms experienced from treatment. It is suggested that before taking CBD for any reason, you should speak with your doctor before taking it.  

What is a CBD Tincture?

This form of CBD is a liquid and is safe to take orally. Huntsboro Hemp tinctures are made entirely from organic substances. CBD is made up of hemp that helps promote better rest, peace and relief from stress. You will find it in small bottles with a dropper top, making it easy to administer small doses that won’t make you or your pets drowsy. There is a CBD tincture specifically designed for pets, which helps support pets (cats and dogs) who deal with anxiety, arthritis, achy muscles or joints and hip dysplasia. Other health benefits of giving them this product is Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Proper dosage depends on the size and weight of your pet. 

Can CBD Calm Your Hyper Dog?

Certain breeds of dogs are more hyper than others. If your dog is especially energetic, you may have tried taking him to a trainer or asked your veterinarian if your dog is suffering from any health issues. Most dogs need a certain amount of exercise daily in order to burn enough energy as well as staying healthy. Dogs who are cooped up for a majority of the day suffer from excessive energy. Some also experience separation anxiety, which causes your dog to shake, pant, pace, dig, scratch, bark or bite. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety or excessive energy may find CBD oil helpful in relieving stress and promoting calm.  

Other Ways CBD Can Help Your Dog

Much like humans, there has been evidence of CBD oil relieving symptoms of pain in dogs. There has also been evidence of helping to control the amount of seizures. It can provide relief for nausea, anxiety, stress, increase the appetite and decrease inflammation. It may even help prevent cancer. Although there are many positive health benefits that are made possible for your pet by CBD oil, keep in mind that it does not guarantee your pet will experience one or many of these benefits. 

Possible Side Effects of Taking CBD

With any type of medication, whether traditional or herbal, there is a risk of side effects. As long as you and your veterinarian have discussed the proper dosage, your pet should be safe. However, there is a chance of your dog experiencing dry mouth, low blood pressure and drowsiness. As you can’t be sure as to how your dog will react to taking CBD oil at first, it is smart to begin with smaller doses. 

Don’t let your pets continue to suffer from anxiety and stress this summer due to loud noises. Consider trying Huntsboro Hemp’s CBD tincture for your pets.