Have you ever wondered why you sometimes find labels that read CBD tincture and labels that read CBD oil – and what the difference is between the two!? It can get very confusing. But we’re here to help! Both CBD tincture and CBD oil contain, you guessed it, CBD and some form of carrier oil. However, they’re made differently, and you get different things when you use CBD tincture vs oil.

CBD Tincture vs CBD Oil Differences

The biggest difference in CBD tincture vs CBD oil is the way it’s extracted. CBD oil uses a CO2 extraction and the CBD is then combined with a carrier oil, while CBD tinctures are created using an alcohol-based extraction. Both of these methods are safe and effective, but a CO2 extraction is more in-depth and is a very organic way of extracting the CBD.

CBD oils have very few ingredients – generally it is just CBD and a carrier oil. The benefit of this is that it’s a very effective method for taking CBD and keeping it easily bioavailable, which means it will get into your system quickly and effectively. Most often, the carrier oil used with CBD oils is hemp seed oil. This keeps the product as close to its original state as possible but does tend to have a very “earthy” flavor. Hemp seed oil does have its own health benefits, as well, such as: omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, linoleic acid (which can help reduce “bad” cholesterol), and skin improvements due to the fatty acids in the hemp seed oil. When you choose a CBD oil using hemp seed oil as a carrier, you’re getting not only the CBD benefits but these amazing health benefits from the hemp seed oil too!

CBD tincture, on the other hand, often contains additional ingredients such as flavorings, sweeteners, or other oils. These extra ingredients can often give the tinctures a longer shelf-life than CBD oils may have. Because of those extra ingredients, sometimes including flavorings, many people will choose this instead of CBD oils. CBD tinctures use a variety of carrier oils depending on the brand. Some choose MCT oil, others hemp seed oil, still others will use an oil such as grapeseed oil or other types of coconut oil – though the most seen are MCT or hemp seed oil. MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconuts and is made up of medium-chain triglycerides. These MCTs have been shown to have health benefits due to the ease that they can be absorbed into your body, such as supporting weight loss, reducing risk factors for heart disease, and fighting bacterial/yeast growth in the body. The health benefits from both MCT and hemp seed oil come from the healthy fatty acids in them and the ratios in which they show up in the oil.

How do I use CBD tincture or oil?

Both CBD tincture and CBD oils are typically bottled and taken the same way. The best way to use both CBD tinctures and CBD oils is to use them sublingually – you’re going to drop the oil or tincture underneath your tongue and let it absorb for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is the fastest and most effective way to get the CBD into your body. Most often you’ll find that you drop the oil under your tongue and simply forget about it as it absorbs, but if there’s anything left after about 1 minute, go ahead and swallow the rest. Most of us are unaware that we have this gland underneath our tongue that allows substances to simply be absorbed into the body but it is a super effective way to get these oils into our systems.

Here at Huntsboro Hemp Company, you’ll see that we have CBD tinctures. Now, given that we often say we try to keep the product as close to the natural state as possible, I’m sure you’re wondering why we went that route when I’ve just told you that tinctures contain other ingredients – but just because something is “extra” doesn’t always make it bad, it just depends on what it is! We use hemp seed oil as our carrier oil, so our first two (and main) ingredients are the hemp seed oil and CBD, just like a CBD oil. However, because we wanted a well-rounded product that is similar to the full-spectrum oil you would get if you simply cold-pressed a hemp leaf and extracted the oil in its most base form, we have taken some of the terpenes from the hemp plant and added those to our tinctures in different combinations for different product uses – thus, we have Relief, Sleep, and Awake. If you’re familiar with the cannabis plant, you’ll recognize these three tinctures as a hybrid strain, an indica strain, and a sativa strain, respectively – those same benefits you see from the different cannabis strains are the benefits you can expect from our tinctures. Lastly, we add a touch of raw honey to our tinctures for a tiny touch of sweetness. This honey comes from bees on our farm so it is about as local and natural and you can get. We find that the honey blends really well with the hemp seed oil to cut through that “earthy” flavor just a bit and make it more palatable for daily use, without the negative effects found if using sweeteners such as vegetable glycerin. So that’s it in our tinctures – 4 ingredients: all natural, all local, all with their own individual health benefits.

What to know when purchasing CBD tincture vs. CBD oil

When you’re looking to purchase your CBD product, whether you end up choosing a CBD tincture or a CBD oil, it’s important to know what you’re getting. Always buy from a trusted source and read the labels – if there’s something you’re unsure of or sounds extra, ask! Your CBD source should be able to answer any questions about what’s in the bottle and how it can benefit you. Huntsboro Hemp is always here to chat about our products or CBD in general. Give us a call, send us an email, or reach out to us on social media any time so that we can connect with you and help you find the best product for your needs!