Get Ready to Experience Relief

Our COMFORT Cream is a topical cream designed to relieve joint and muscle pain while nourishing the skin.

 We use the highest quality, locally sourced hemp, and local goat milk as the carrier as it is gentle enough for all-over use and full of nutrients such as: proteins, iron, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E which all replenish and moisturize skin. When combined with hemp’s potential benefits for joint and muscle pain, it packs a powerful punch!

How to Use: Apply the COMFORT Cream externally to the affected area as needed to help relieve joint and muscle pain.

We recommend taking one of our tinctures alongside our COMFORT Cream to provide a consistent flow of hemp oil extract in the body. This helps to decrease inflammation leading to relief from pain and anxiety.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Fantastic pain cream! Love the product. After an intense bike ride, my knees were on fire. The Comfort Cream was the best thing to help alleviate the pain. 100% worth it.”

– Lori

“I am so pleased with the results of using this comfort cream. I have severe arthritis pain and I find relief very quickly after applying a small amount of the comfort cream. It’s amazing.

Thank you Huntsboro Hemp for a product that finally helps significantly reduce arthritis pain.”

– Susan B.

“Comfort cream is my favorite! I deal with scoliosis pain that it helps combat, and it’s also super awesome for menstrual cramps/back pain!”

– Candace

Huntsboro Hemp Co Natural Ingredients


Huntsboro Hemp Co Chemical Free


Huntsboro Hemp Co farm grown


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Huntsboro Hemp Co Not Tested On Animals

Not Tested
On Animals

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Third Party
Lab Tested

Huntsboro Hemp Co Gluten Free


Huntsboro Hemp Co American Made


Our Story

Our story begins in 2018, when our co-founders came together to create high-quality, locally sourced hemp products for our North Carolina communities and beyond. Our past experiences in agriculture and passion for health and wellness shine through in products that are designed for people to live healthier and fulfilled lives.

Today, our small-town values and family-centered organization brings you transparency, friendly service, and the care you need.

From Our Home to Yours

We start with ingredients that are grown in a safe, natural environment. Our hemp products are then processed clean, approved facilities.

The result? All-natural supplements for you to enjoy shipped right to your door!

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