Cannabidiol (CBD) has been on the rise for a few years now. If you’re unfamiliar with its uses and benefits, CBD is a non-psychotropic compound found in cannabis. Unlike its psychotropic counterpart THC, CBD doesn’t give the user a “high” and is primarily derived from the industrial hemp plant, not marijuana. 

You might be asking, what’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? It all comes down to their THC content. Cannabis plants with a THC concentration of 0.3 percent or more are technically considered marijuana, whereas cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC is considered hemp. The more THC present, the less CBD, and vice versa. 

Because of this, high-CBD hemp plants have recently increased in popularity due to their reported medicinal benefits. According to a 2019 poll, almost 14 percent of Americans use CBD, and that number has likely increased. Users take CBD for a variety of reasons such as pain relief, sleep aid and relaxation. In some cases, CBD has been used to treat more severe conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and side effects of chemotherapy. 

Is CBD for Me?

In most cases, we think the answer is yes! Unlike many harmful pharmaceuticals, CBD is a natural compound derived from cannabis. There are little to no side effects of taking CBD and since it’s non-psychotropic, you can take it anytime during the day or night. 

If you’re tired of the harmful effects of opioids, sleep medications, antidepressants and other synthetic medications, CBD is a natural alternative that in many cases can provide the relief you’re looking for. If using a cannabis product makes you a bit uneasy, you can rest assured that CBD will not make you high, unlike THC. 

How Can I Take CBD?

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Just like high-THC marijuana, CBD can be ingested via smoking or vaping hemp flower. Smoking or vaping is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD, but we know smoking isn’t for everyone. 

CBD can also be taken in edible forms, such as a gummy or baked good. Edibles are ideal for finding the right dose for you since you’re taking the same amount each time. Just like any other medication, they take 30 minutes to an hour to take effect. 

One of the most popular ingestion methods is sublingual tinctures. You may have seen tinctures for other remedies such as Vitamin B-12 or MCT oil. CBD tinctures are usually mixed with hemp extract, carrier oils (MCT oil or Grapeseed oil for example) and in some cases natural flavorings for taste. They are taken under the tongue for a faster release time than ingesting an edible. 

CBD can also be used topically for skin issues or external pain relief. You can now find CBD-infused lotions, salves, lip balms and even hair care products!

And, CBD isn’t just for humans. Your pets can also benefit from taking CBD for pain relief, anxiety reduction (especially during those 4th of July fireworks!) and overall wellness. Pets can ingest CBD through tinctures or treats. 

How Often Should I Take CBD?

How often you take CBD is completely up to you. It also depends on your reason for taking CBD. But, like any other medication, CBD is best when taken on a consistent basis. It’s estimated that almost 30 percent of CBD users take it every day, depending on their needs. 

For example, if you use CBD for sleep aid, taking it consistently allows your internal clock to get into a rhythm, promoting a better sleep schedule. Taking CBD consistently can be especially effective for pain relief, as the cannabinoids build up in your system and provide consistent relief and relaxation. 

How often you ingest CBD is also based on your ideal dosage. Everyone’s dosage is different and may change depending on what your needs are. If you aren’t sure what dosage to start with, it’s always best to work with a cannabis professional. But, they cannot provide specific dosing guidelines as they aren’t medical professionals. A good rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up until you find a dose that works for you. 

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