There are SO many ways to take CBD…how do you what’s best for you? What you need? Let us help you! To start, your main options are ingestibles, topicals, and smokables – but within that, there are options.

 With ingestibles, you’ve got anything from tinctures (oils that you take sublingually) to edibles (gummies, honey, etc) to CBD drinks and foods. In this category, the sublingual tinctures are the most effective way to get CBD into your system. By allowing the tincture to absorb underneath your tongue, the CBD tincture bypasses the digestive system and gets into your body faster and more efficiently – allowing you to feel the benefits faster. However, ingestibles do typically take consistent use for you to begin feeling the benefits…you may not see anything with your first use, but instead it may take consistent daily use to see the benefits you’re looking for.

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 Topicals, again, provide a variety of options. Bath bombs and cream are two popular options, and there are also salves, roll-ons, and skin care options, as well. With topical CBD products, you are applying the CBD directly to whatever your symptoms are, rather than to the underlying cause of the issue. The good news there is that you’ll likely notice benefits with your first use of the topical product! This makes topicals a great option for immediate relief, for random one-off pains/aches, or for as-needed use.

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Lastly, you’ve got smokable options. These include the hemp flower that you can smoke in the form of hemp cigarettes or vaping cartridges that you can use in vape pens. While these may be not-so-great in certain aspects for health, your body does absorb CBD well this way. 

As you are considering taking a CBD product, the main thing is to consider why you’re using it, what challenges you’re facing, and how often you’d like to take it. These will guide you to the best type of CBD product for you!

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