Our Rejuvenate CBD Bundle includes one 2 oz. COMFORT Cream and a beautiful jade Gua Sha tool. When used together you could experience the ultimate relief from dry skin, rashes, and/or muscle tension.  Local goat milk is used as the carrier for the CBD in COMFORT Cream because it is gentle enough for all-over use and full of nutrients such as: proteins, iron, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E which all replenish and moisturize skin. When combined with CBD’s potential benefits for joint and muscle pain it packs a powerful punch. Customers find the cream to be thick and creamy, not greasy, with the slightest peppermint scent.  But wait there’s more!  Add the Gua Sha stone from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and you could experience the ultimate relief.  It is believed scraping the skin with a Gua Sha could reduce inflammation by eliminating internal stagnation and heat.  And it’s believed the friction boosts circulation which could lead to good health. You will find the Gua Sha tool to be cool and smooth -- quite refreshing after a warm bath or long day on your feet! The Rejuvenate CBD Bundle is a great way to begin caring intentionally for your skin and your body from the outside in! Product Details:
  • One 2-ounce jar of COMFORT Cream with 250 mg of CBD
  • One Jade Gua Sha tool
  • All products from Huntsboro Hemp Co. use locally sourced, high-quality CBD and are 100% THC-free.
  • Apply the COMFORT Cream externally to the affected area as needed to help relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • Gently scrape in one direction with the Gua Sha tool. 
  • We recommend taking one of our CBD Tinctures alongside our COMFORT Cream to provide a consistent flow of CBD in the body. This helps to decrease inflammation from the inside out leading to relief from pain and anxiety.