All CBD Tincture Bundle


Our tinctures can be used together — RELIEF or AWAKE in the morning followed by the other in the afternoon and finally SLEEP at night. When you purchase them together, you save 10%!



The Huntsboro Hemp All CBD Tincture Bundle is a great deal for both your health and your pocketbook! When you use RELIEF, AWAKE, and SLEEP together you get CBD into your system throughout the day and the unique terpene blends help you keep pain at bay, stay focused, and gently go to sleep each night depending on which you are taking. Buying the bundle saves you 10%!

All of the tinctures combine organically-grown CBD, local honey, and a unique terpene blend for the primary anti-inflammatory benefits and peripheral benefits unique to each tincture. RELIEF doubles down on pain relief. AWAKE helps you to focus and clear your head to conquer your day. And SLEEP helps you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

To use the tinctures together, take one-dropper full of RELIEF or AWAKE in the morning and one of the other tincture in the afternoon, followed by SLEEP just before bed. If waking in the middle is your downfall, you may take SLEEP when you wake to get you to sleep until your alarm clock! Work to see what is best for your body and how you respond. Most people prefer to take RELIEF in the morning, AWAKE in the afternoon, and SLEEP at night.

The bundle pairs well with COMFORT Cream to be used externally and help with localized pain.

Each tincture is 30 mL with 500 mg of CBD.


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