Ultimate CBD RELIEF Bundle


The Ultimate RELIEF Bundle is a great way to get RELIEF from the inside out! The bundle includes one RELIEF Tincture, one 2 oz. COMFORT Cream, one UNWIND Bath Bomb and one pack of HoneySNAPS. When you purchase the bundle, you save 10%! This makes a great purchase for yourself or for someone special in your life — someone who is often in pain, someone who experiences anxiety, someone who needs a minute to themselves to relax and restore!



Are you looking for mindless RELIEF? Want RELIEF without thinking about refilling your best products?! Look no more — the Ultimate CBD RELIEF bundle works from the inside out to potentially relieve you from pain, anxiety, stress, sleepless nights and more. CBD needs to be taken consistently to work well from the inside out and the RELIEF tincture helps with that. This bottle is a great one-month supply and will last until your next subscription box arrives on your doorstep! The HoneySNAPS are a great addition to your CBD routine. You can incorporate them in your morning routine with hot tea, oatmeal or other warm treat, use it as a staple in baking or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

The UNWIND Bath Bomb contains 50 mg of CBD and is fantastic for soaking to relieve muscle and joint pain internally and skin irritations externally. The essential oils in the Bath Bomb work to provide an extra boost of relief for moisturizing skin, opening up sinuses or relaxing you before bed.

Lastly, the COMFORT Cream is fantastic for localized pain relief. You can keep this in your bathroom or take it on the go for joint and muscle pain. Many of our customers find that this is one of their favorite products as it can provide quick relief working from the outside in. We used goat milk as the vehicle for the CBD and together those work to relieve pain and nourish your skin at once.

The Ultimate CBD RELIEF Bundle includes: one RELIEF Tincture, one 2 oz. COMFORT Cream, one UNWIND Bath Bomb and one package of HoneySNAPS. When bundled together you save 10% — what a deal!!




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