April is Active Dog Month! AND Canine Fitness Month! 

Who knew?! Not me!

Natasha Thompson lived in Alaska when she realized her dogs were getting cabin fever, too, so she created Active Dog Month. Like humans, dogs need physical and mental activity. 

Canine Fitness Month was deemed by Fitpaws to bring awareness of the importance of physical and mental fitness for your dog.  Dogs do love a treat; however, being active helps them and their humans live a healthier, happier life!

All year long it is important to help your dog get enough exercise and mental stimulation; however, April is such a great month, especially here in the South, to focus on getting your pups outside for longer periods of time. 

Hazel sure has loved being outside, swimming in the ponds, and lounging in sun.  She does seem to be much happier when we have time to walk and play.  

Ideas to Get Started with Canine Fitness

To get your dog up and moving try these things…get a leash and the two of you (and you can add your family) get outside and walk, go to a dog park, or get a frisbee and play in the yard.        

Parker the Boxer Pup and his mom started GeoCaching and he is getting to swim in the pool. (Pictures of Parker)

If you are not sure how much exercise your dog needs, you can always discuss it with your veterinarian.  Simple signs such as noticing dog is barking excessively, anxious, chewing on things, and getting into mischief could mean your dog is not getting enough exercise. 

In addition to walking and playing outside with Hazel, she loves to play Search, basically it’s hide and seek, to find treats. I also found this cool puzzle game (link to amazon) for mental stimulation. 

Be Mindful to Avoid Injury

When you are starting new activities with your dog remember to be mindful of their normal activity level, the physical fitness of your dog, age of your dog, and the weather. Just like humans too much too fast can be cause muscle and joint pain or dehydration. 

Be mindful of how your dog is moving noticing if there is a limp, dragging foot or any sign of aching joints or muscles.  If you notice these things, you may want to consider adding our Pet Tincture to your pet’s daily regimen. 

Like humans, pets have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and CBD (cannabidiol) could help to reduce inflammation which could reduce pain or anxiety. Consistently give your pup the appropriate serving (drops of tincture) by directly putting it in their mouth or adding it to a treat or water. 

When your dog is getting more exercise and outdoor play, he/she may want to take longer naps or sleep longer at night.  That is a-ok!  A tired dog is happy dog. 

You and you dog will benefit and enjoy getting outside and having some fun this spring. 

What will you and your canine friend (family member) do for fun this month?